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Fanfiction: 100 word drabble with themes!

Welcome to our 100 word drabble post. We've basically gacked the concept from a number of other LiveJournal communities including hp100 and wednesday100. As in these other communities the challenge is fairly simple. We're giving you 50 themes (one word subject) and community members submit drabble ficlets of no more than 100 words (because we're not as strict as those 100words challenge communities, you're free to post drabbles with less/more words than that).

couple of small rules.
01. if you decided to join our small drabble activity, please sure that you'll include in your post those information:

for example:
Title: Into the wild
Author: Julia, nastey
Rating: NC-17
Theme: 38: Lethargic
Spoilers: City of Glass
Warnings: lots of angst, and kinda bits of sex
Pairing (if any): Jace/Isabelle
Summary: What happens when Isabelle doesn't act like a good girl anymore
Notes: if you don't like the concept of some izzy/jace action, don't read this one

02. entries don't have to be exactly one hundred words. It's nice if they are, but the mods aren't too picky.

03. the list of themes, you don't have to write your drabbles in the same order as the themes go. but each drabble has to fit with one of those.
01: Forbidden
02: Colour
03: Screen
04: Red
05: Food
06: Compulsion
07: Hate
08: Anger
09: Loud
10: Eyes
11: Hands
12: Letter
13: Name
14: Without Meaning
15: Don’t Leave
16: Pride
17: I Love You
18: Love
19: The Look
20: Cold
21: Extraordinary
22: Empty
23: Stubborn
24: Lust
25: Smile
26: Smirk
27: Grin
28: Tears
29: Scared
30: Relief
31: Hot
32: Dance
33: Celebration
34: Time
35: Story
36: Immortal
37: Truth
38: Lethargic
39: Fear
40: Sick
41: Random
42: Secrets
43: Lies
44: Beautiful
45: Memory
46: Wicked
47: Disease
48: Shocked
49: Broken
50: Blood

04. if you decide to join our small drabble fun, please comment to this post, in the subject of your comment, write your userinfo, a pairing/character that your drabbles will be about, and with each new drabble you write, add them to your comment. This is a form to fill, to make it easier for you.


as you write more drabbles

if you have any questions, ask! we'll be happy to help you :) hopefully this idea will motivate you to write some awesome mortal instruments stories!
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