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In attempt to make pandemoniumclub more open, effective and friendly to all of our members, we're creating this page-a-mod. Considering that not everyone likes to use LJ messaging to contact us, this page should be an easy and simple way to reach mods, if it necessary.

if you want to ask for permission to promote something, this will be the place to do it. Any questions connected the community? Do it here.

So now instead of starting and ending your post with “Mods, feel free to delete this if it’s not allowed” or “Sorry mods, I’m not sure what to tag this as”, you can visit this post beforehand and learn the right way to go about it. We really would appreciate more people contacting us before they go post- or comment-crazy.

Ask, ask, ask, as many times as you like. Believe me, the mods will love you for it. It makes everything a lot easier and less frustrating. We also love to know that members want to follow the rules and take weight off our shoulders.

don't be afraid to comment. we're here to make pandemoniumclub a better place for all of us.
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