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Lady Midnight Readalong: Prologue - Chapter 7

Prologue - Chapter 7 "The Sounding Sea"

Question for those interested:
- Why does Emma push herself so hard during training? When did this recklessness start? Doesn’t she care about her safety? How does her attitude toward danger and pain affect those around her?
- What does the Blackthorn motto, "A bad law is no law" mean? How does it compare to the Clave’s motto, "The law is hard, but it is the law?" Do you think the Shadowhunter laws are too harsh, or that they should be followed?
- How has Mark been changed by his time with the faeries? How does this affect his behavior as he returns home? Do you think he can be what the Blackthorns need him to be? Do you think he want to?
- When Mark finally accepts that he is home, and that it’s not just a faerie illusion, Julian "adjusted his heart to bear the new burden." In what way is Mark a burden to Julian? How does this compare to how Julian feels about the rest of his family? Do you think Julian will be able to keep holding his family together?
- Favourite scenes/quotes/general thoughts

Please be respectful of other people's opinions.
Spoilers for TMI, TID, the Bane Chronicles and Shadowhunter Academy will be in the comments. Please use the spoiler cut (below) when discussing beyond these chapters in Lady Midnight.

Next week Chapter 8 - 14
Let's discuss!!
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